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Wiser decisions in the face of complexity, diversity & uncertainty

Many organisations are searching for new forms of governance and leadership. Our global economies are so complex that no one leader can govern effectively on his/her own. We need governance which can tap into the collective wisdom of the organisation, harnesssing employees', customers', suppliers', investors' and other stakeholders' perspectives, while at the same time delivering client satisfaction through ecologically sustainable solutions.

Open 2 Flow helps organisations improve their workflow, communication flow and cash flow by introducing dynamic governance and collaborative tools designed to remove bottlenecks and to meet client needs swiftly and nimbly in our ever more complex world. We need to refocus our abilities on 3 main sets of skills:

      • Integrative Complexity
      • Regenerative Reinvention
      • Generative Dialogue

    Note: We were building a revised website to reflect our current thinking, but it has since been superceded by a new one. This website you are viewing now had been updated to some degree, in a patchwork repair kind of way, to reflect our current thinking, but appeared confusing, as older and newer concepts were mixed without being properly integrated. So a new website has been developed, which you can see at open2flow.com.

These correspond to 3 pillars we used to view:

Detailed diagram of 3 pillars: Reinvention, CAU skills and Generative Dialogue

Lean-Flow management is largely concerned with the operational side of the organisation: Running a system designed to achieve high client value through smooth pull flow of products/services with minimum waste and toxicity. Participatory Lean-Flow Management requires a complete Regenerative Reinvention

Dynamic Governance is vision / strategy oriented, concerned with steering the organisition through a set of policies and principles which dynamically and iteratively tap into its collective wisdom of the workforce. Learning dynamic governance in communities of practice enables people to master integrative Complexity skills which are often sorely missing.

Conversational Leadership
is about building the right conditions which enable deep and genuine conversations that matter across organisational silos, which in turn enable people to co-create and implement a holistic vision for the future. Conversational leadership is particularly needed through Generative Dialogue.

Learning these 3 sets of skills is particularly difficult, especially in the oriental world, because our education system does not teach them (indeed our current education currently actively discourages learning them). Moreover, they can only be learned relationally, symbiotically, the very opposite of the way we were taught to learn at school. Nevertheless, they can be learned as adults, in Communities of Practice, focussing as follows:

  • Regenarative Reinvention in Complexity - Lean-Flow Management
  • Integrative Complexity skills - Dynamic Governance
  • Generative Dialogue - Conversational Leadership

We do not believe in one-method one-strategy fits all approach. Rather it is the balanced combination, like a 'balanced diet', that can help us keep healthy and move forward. While we have expertise in lean process coaching, as well in open space technology facilitation, and in sociocratic decision-making implementation, we have consciously decided not to brand ourselves as experts in any one of them. Rather we believe it is a balance of these, and other approaches, in a flexible case-by-case way, that will help us and our client organisations build energy and balance.

What we also believe is that the current business-as-usual approach of organisations needs to change. Away from pure mechnical profit-making more towards working towards a purpose which serves the society it operates in as well as the people who work in it, in a conscious sustainable way. The three pillars above form part of what we think is required to achieve this change.

Tapping into your organisation's innate collective wisdom

If you wish your organisation to be more holistic and eco-led in approach, with all members fully engaged and inspired, governed in a collaborative and creative style, then we can support you with practical tools - please contact us to find out more.

Our starting point, after an initial exploratory free consultation, is to establish priorities. This may be followed up by a pan-organisational meeting of minds, to collectively establish where you are at now, where blockages exist, and to work out together how to move forward to where you and your organisation wants to be.


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You can promote innovation, collaboration or engagement, by supporting members across the organisation to work towards common goals effectively in several ways:

  • inviting all members to have real heart-felt conversations that matter in an 'open space' event,
  • implementing small procedural changes to ensure that all members with different perspectives can contribute to relevant decisions in a cost-efficient way.
  • introducing new working approaches, like lean, agile, conscious business, by inviting all staff and stakeholders to co-create the change or adoption in a highly participatory way. See: CATERFLY

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